Vivonne is a intimate dinner salon set within the privacy of  New York City homes. Inspired by the Salons of 17th century France, Vivonne gathers eclectic groupings of people to enjoy inventive food, intriguing conversation, and stimulating environments. Vivonne invigorates and inspires, featuring chefs with unique tasting menus, cultural influences and uncommon ingredients. The salon introduces live installations, film previews, vocalist and literary reviews, in the aim of aligning cerebral, creative and cultural arenas. 

The French Revolution, a significant cultural transformation, was born from the creation of a new collective conscious. In the decades leading up to the Revolution salons or private gatherings of a select circle became the primary means of intellectual collision among the bourgeois. Salons were held in the private home of the host, as both an entertaining, and educational affair centered around intimate conversation, philosophical debate and the intrigue of its court. 

In 1618, Catherine de Vivonne the Marquise De Rambouillet, held the first female-led salon in Paris. Vivonne had taken residence in the grand Hotel Rambouillet, a luxurious domain complete with a large dining room, romantic corners, and extensive gardens. She welcomed a diversity of guests- the witty, the literature fanatics, the aristocrats, the struggling artist, the revolutionaries, and the troublemakers. These prominent personages met for cerebral advancement, literary quarrel, political confrontation, culinary delights, and for the first time, to co-mingle with the opposite sex. Within the walls of Vivonne’s milieu, debate, taste, romance, and grace collided. Today, there is an urgent need to revive the salon: to bring like-minded and passionate people together, to foster a community and to explore culinary, literary and artistic realms.

Vivonne aims to rouse the bright and licentious heat of the 17th century French Salon; to inspire a modern age of highly cultivated intelligences, delicacy of feeling, refinement of culinary expression and intrigues of a select court. In emulation of Marquise Catherine de Vivonne, we bring you the contemporary l’âme du rond.